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How to Blog for a Living, Make Money Blogging from $100-$500-$1,000 a Day

How to Blog for a Living, Make Money Blogging from $100-$500-$1,000 a Day

I was very against blogging when I originally started network marketing 4 years ago because I could not believe that you can make a ton of sales from people who actually buy your products through blog articles. I always had the mind set to spend, spend, and spend more money on  paid advertising. Finally this past year I was finally convinced to start a blog and learn more how to blog for a living. I was completely surprised that it took no more than a week or two for me to start getting a consistent flow of sales straight from my blog. I would now like to convince you how to blog for a living while making money through your home business.

My Simple Basic Steps on How to Blog for a Living and Make Money

Step #1.) Make Money Blogging with a Purpose:
If you want a huge flow of visitors to your blog, you need to blog about something that is going to catch their attention and will want them coming back to learn more about what you have to offer. If it be a home based business, an affiliate program or just driving traffic to make money off of your google ads on your blog, you need to have a specific purpose to your blog that will attract a targeted audience. For example if you have a blog articles that talk about race cars and cooking supplies, this will decrease the relevance to your blog and you will get less amount of targeted visitors tshowo your blog. So find one specific topic that you are passionate about so you can be just as excited as I am rto write every blog that I post online.
How to Blog for a Living, Make Money Blogging from $100-$500-$1,000 a Day
How to Blog for a Living, Make Money Blogging from $100-$500-$1,000 a Day

Step #2.) Make Money Blogging with Relevant Keywords 
Google is not going to find your blog unless you place relevant keywords to help Google know the relevance to your blog. What you should do is go to the Google Keyword Tool that you can find on the Google Search and type in keywords relating to your blog topic. When you search keywords relating to your blog topic, pick out keywords that have an average monthly search of about 30k-70k visitors with a low rate of competition. Make sure that your keyword is not just "cooking supplies," but look for long tailed keywords like "how to use cooking supplies." The key here is to find these long phrased keywords so you have more relevance to your targeted audience.
Step #3.) Make Money Blogging with H1, H2, and H3 Tags
To get more relevance to your blog, you need to have H Tags which are Header Tags. Basically you will need three titled headers with your keywords. Each header is a title that is paced before each set of paragraphs to show the relevance of what you are talking about in the next few paragraphs. Basically it is like a chapter heading, but these are short chapters. To further help you know what these headers are, look at the three headers I do have in bold on this blog to give you an idea.
Step #4.) Make Money Blogging with Pictures and Videos
People do not just search online in Googles main search engine, but they also search in google photos, and youtube videos. If you put at least 2 photos and one video on your blog with your keywords attached to them, you will have more searches linked to your blog with those images and videos.
Step #5.) Make Money Blogging with Your Written Content
Now that you have your topic, keywords, H1, H2, and H3 Tags, photos, and videos. You can now start writing your blog. Most people recommend writing the minimal blog of 300 words that are recommended, but as I said at the beginning, Google loves content. What I do I write articles like this one with at least 1000 words. The more content your write the more likely Google will get your article on the front page of google.
What you will need to do is to place your keywords in H1, H2, and H3 Tags. Next you will need to place your keywords at least 3-4 times in your article. Make sure you at least underline, bold, and italicize your keywords. Also you will need to place at least one of your keywords in the first paragraph and place the phrase in the last sentence in your article.
Now you have an unstoppable blog article created.
Step #6.) Make Money Blogging with by Submitting Your Blog to the Following Sources. 
First Submit your blog to so your blog will be linked to other blog searches. Next you need to share your blog to as many social networks as possible such as Facebook, twitter, and Google plus.
Google will take about 4 days to a week to get noticed on its search engine, so the more you get your blog noticed on the social network, the more you will get noticed on Google.
How to Blog for a Living, Make Money Blogging from $100-$500-$1,000 a Day
How to Blog for a Living, Make Money Blogging from $100-$500-$1,000 a Day

Step #7.) Make Money Blogging by promoting something
Now that you are driving traffic to your blog, you need to promote something in order to make money on your blog. The first thing you can do is place Google PPC ads on your blog so Google can pay you for having each of your visitors click or view those ads. Next find a business or affiliate program related to your article topics that you would like to promote so you can invite your readers to look at the products on the affiliate program. Now you have 2 sources of income from your blog.
Step #8.) Make Money Blogging by Submitting 2-3 blogs a day
Many or most people may only have time to submit 1 blog a day, but if I can tell you that if you make simple productive blogs like this one, follownig each step that I tell you, there will be a nice flow of visitors to your site. Never procrastinate your blogging, but submit at least one article a day to see great results.

How to Make $1,000 a day After Knowing How to Blog for a Living and Make Money

As I said before if you blog daily, you will get more visitors and you will get more money. The key to make a thousand dollars a day is to follow each of these blog steps I have shown you. If you have about 100 blogs of this type of quality, you can make a good enough living that you can have the potiential to make $1000 a day depending on how much you earn. Another secret to know about is that if you promote a $500 product compared to a $5 product, non of them will be harder than the other to sell as long as you know how to sell properly.
Selling is easy once you know the system. You now at least know how to blog for a living and make money with related products to your niche. But if you seriously wish to know how I make a great income blogging step by step, please visit my website at Now you know how to blog for a living, make money, and live the financial life that you wish for.

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